5 Reasons to Get an Office Cleaning That Is Specifically Designed for COVID-19

5 Reasons to Get an Office Cleaning That Is Specifically Designed for COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives and made us consider things we may have previously taken for granted. Cleaning has become one of the key actions occupying our thoughts and our time, especially for areas we frequent often, like homes and offices. But not all office cleaning is created equal. Why should you consider a specialized cleaning adapted to COVID-19 concerns for your office?

1. Safety First

The first and primary reason is obvious. The health and well-being of every person occupying an office should be paramount. According to scientists, COVID-19 spread is particularly risky in areas where groups of people congregate and spend long amounts of time together. An office setting is, therefore, fertile ground for potential spread.

A COVID-tailored cleaning has the advantage of utilizing disinfectants that can kill over 99.9 percent of germs quickly and efficiently. This advantage is especially important for high-touch areas in offices (like shared equipment) that need to be sanitized more frequently.

2. Confidence

Customer and employee trust are crucial in operating any successful business. Making these individuals assured and confident that their welfare is top-of-mind goes a long way in building those bonds of trust.

An investment in COVID-specific sanitizing protocols and services is an investment in ensuring high-quality, expert, at-your-service, and empathetic solutions for one of the greatest and most evolving challenges you will ever face.

3. Quality Maintenance

Using improper techniques or substances in any cleaning or sanitizing effort can create a host of costly, headache-inducing problems. Unfortunate, but common complaints have emerged during the COVID era of peeling, cracking, and chemically damaged surfaces.

These detrimental outcomes typically result from a well-intentioned but inexperienced cleaning endeavor that implements practices harmful to the office environment. An expert service can avoid these pitfalls because extensive research has been done to determine what cleaning practices combat COVID spread while maintaining the integrity of the office itself.

4. Reopening Prep

If your office has experienced an extended closure due to COVID-19, you’ll want to make the transition to reopening as smooth and worry-free as possible. Your local government may have enacted guidelines and measures you must follow. Agencies like the CDC and EPA have also offered recommendations by which you would like to abide.  Employees may be reluctant to resume in-office activities in the absence of a clear and sound action plan.

Proper sanitizing should meet and exceed these concerns head-on. Just as with your business, cleaning experience and professionalism matter.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

All the aforementioned factors will most definitively impact the bottom line of a business. If you must pour money into slowed or stagnated reopenings and damaged equipment, you are not maximizing your profit or potential.

If you lose money and business caused by widespread employee illnesses, forced office closures, and eroded consumer confidence, you are endangering your very livelihood.

Let Expert Office Cleaning Service Be Your Guide

A COVID-designed office cleaning does not have to mean a cash-draining venture.  For safe, effective,  customer-focused, and state-of-the-art preventative disinfection at a reasonable price, contact EPA and CDC-approved AQS BioClean and get your quote today.