About AQS BioClean

We are an independent environmental compliant company serving commercial and industrial customers. We specialize in emergency spills, disinfection services, commercial power washing and water reclamation. AQS BioClean complies with the rules and regulations of the clean water act enforced by the DEC and EPA.

Commercial Power Washing

Wash – We utilize the latest, most energy efficient industrial grade power washers. With water flow rates of 8gpm and 4,000 psi gives us the capability of operating two surface cleaners simultaneously, coupled with water temperatures that can reach 250 degrees gives AQS BioClean superior results without the need for harsh chemicals

Recover – Surface cleaners are used in the immediate capture method” The waste water is instantaneously recovered after impacting the surface Vacuum Boom is used in the remote capture method”. It sucks down to the ground when connected to a powerful enough vacuum system and creates a linear barrier of virtually any shape that catches and sucks up the running waste water

Recycle – AQS BioClean reclaimed rinse water is processed through a series of onsite settling tanks, oil water separators, multi-media filtration system and additional micron filters that filter down to less than 10 microns allowing us to reuse the same water time after time.

Through these three stages, AQS BioClean is able to provide a close looped system that prevents the release of water into the storm water system while also conserving the amount of water utilized to perform the service.