Should You Use an Office Cleaning Service to Protect Against COVID-19?

Aqueous Solutions Office COVID-19 Disinfection New York

Yes, you absolutely should use an office cleaning service to help protect your employees and your customers from COVID-19. No matter what industry your business is in, it’s absolutely vital that your business is observing all of the scientifically-backed sanitation standards and recommendations that will keep everyone safe and healthy.

Cleaning services for an office can do far more than a basic can of Lysol when it comes to protecting from long-lingering viruses such as COVID-19. For example, these services utilize methods cleared by the CDC, FDA, and USDA to disinfect 99.9% of germs and viruses over both large and small spaces, including areas that are high-touch and need to be cleaned more frequently. Specifically, cleaning services such as AQS BioClean offer specific COVID-19 cleaning solutions, such as:

Preventative Disinfections

Preventative disinfections are deep-cleans for the entire office space, including every nook and cranny where the virus might want to high. Preventative disinfections decontaminate the entire office area with a fine-tooth comb, a task which can be done regularly to prevent any infections to customers and employees who are at higher risk of infection.

Preventative disinfections also have a secondary function that involves heightened protocols for any space where a COVID-19 positive person has been. Cleaning the office space more deeply where there has been an active infection is essential to stomping out the virus on any non-porous surfaces, which is where the virus likes to settle.

Emergency Decontamination

The emergency decontamination service is a 24/7 solution to completely disinfect entire spaces where there has been any risk of exposure. Emergency decontamination services encompass the highest cleaning protocols and can be scheduled at any time, including during the normal workday, with as little disruption as possible. Emergency decontamination helps keep your business operations on track.

Business Reopening Cleaning

If you’re trying to get your business reopened, then you should know that the high rate of transmission for COVID-19 means that you will need to do more than daily sweeps to clean your office. Ideally, part of your reopening will be setting up protocols that make it easier to clean large spaces, including decluttering, organizing, and creating a cleaning schedule so that your business can be disinfected daily to meet USDA standards.

The key for your business to survive COVID-19 is to observe the proper safety and health protocols that will keep your employees and your customers safe. This means that office cleaning services, including preventative disinfections and business reopening cleaning, will be one of the most important tools you can use to keep your business going. To learn more about how these services can work for your business, contact AQS BioClean today!